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2 Best Minecraft Java Edition Seeds for Creative Mode

Minecraft Java Edition

When a player creates a Minecraft world, they are given the option to select their game mode. There are four different game modes in Minecraft, with survival being the most frequently played.

Creative is the perfect game mode for players looking to create massive constructions or explore different structures without having to worry about mobs. In creative mode, players have access to unlimited resources and can also fly.

To instantly locate also explore various naturally generated structures, such as dungeons and monuments, players can use the Minecraft seed to develop a specific world with those structures close to looking.

Must-try Minecraft Java edition seeds in creative mode

2.Mineshaft with dungeon

Skeleton spawner (Featured Image: Minecraft)
  • Seed: -390711946727789782
  • Spawning coordinates: -28 34-110

This fantastic seed spawns the player about 100 blocks from a mine shaft with a skeleton dungeon. Players who want to test their spawn-based mob farm design should give this seed a try.

1.Many structures close to spawning.

Seed map (Featured Image: u/Plebiain on Reddit)
  • seed: 1191961552361

Players looking to explore many biomes in a creative world can use this seed as it spawns many different biomes, with 2 of each structure about 2000 blocks away from the spawn.

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