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2 Fastest Car in GTA Online in 2021

With momentum – Grotti Vigilante

The fastest car in GTA Online with a top speed of 147 mph, the Vigilante is even faster than the P-996 LAZER’s ground speed if the player uses boost repeatedly. The name and design of the car are a clear indication of its inspiration: the 89 Batmobile. It is one of the most incredible vehicles to own.

The car has a top speed of 115 mph without the boost, which is still pretty impressive given how heavy and oversized it is. While the car is durable and capable of withstanding gunfire, it has no defense against explosives. Its length and width can make driving a bit difficult.

This Vigilante’s rocket booster works better than most others also can be equipped with machine guns and homing missiles.

Featured Image:  gtabase

No Impulse – Ocelot Pariah

The Pariah is considered the best car in the sports class, although its performance makes it on par with the Supers class, with its unusually high top speed and acceleration.
The car is extremely lightweight and is an excellent choice for races that involve straighter sections. But in the tight corners of the track, it is outdone by cars with better handling. The Pariah has a top speed of 136 mph and outperforms all other cars without a propeller.

The design resembles a cross between a Ferrari and an Aston Martin, which gamers can easily discern. This gives it a unique identity, making it one of the most attractive sports cars available.

Featured Image:  gtabase

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