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3 Glitches in GTA Games That Developers Never Fixed

The GTA series has been one of the most loved and adored open-world games since its launch. Every game in the GTA lineup was a step up from the other and did everything right.

These games define the open-world sandbox genre with their massive maps and go wild for freedom. But even with all this, GTA games are not without their flaws. Although Rockstar has responded quickly with new patches, the developers have not responded to some glitches in GTA games.

This article will look at 5 bugs in GTA games that the developers never fixed.

GTA games glitches that are still present

1) Missing hands – GTA Vice City

One of the glitches of GTA Vice City that is still present in the game. When Rockstar relaunched the GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition, the handheld models were revamped to appear much more detailed. However, due to some script errors during the cutscenes, the characters will emerge without their hands, leaving them with pieces at the end of their arms.

2) Happiness Island Car Spawn – GTA 4

This glitch was tested on PC v. for GTA 4. At the southern tip of Happiness Island, a single car will appear. Sometimes the car can also appear with a driver. Although the vehicle will not move and the NPC is driving, it will simply move its head towards whatever station the car radio is playing. Pretty creepy but hilarious.

3) Vigilante Glitch – GTA 3

GTA 3 featured several side activities that players could perform. One of them was Vigilante’s side job. There is now a glitch where players get close enough to the target’s car and enter the menu screen. Once they resume the game, the criminal in the car will stop, get out of the car and start running. This will make it easier to kill them.

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