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5 best Minecraft secret base

5.Bed base

Who would guess that there is a base behind this bed? (Feature Image: Grian YouTube)

The bed base is an incredible way to fool players looking to loot a base.

As seen in the picture above, a bed is placed between a one-by-two hallway, and a base is placed behind this bed. When the player sleeps on the bed, they will appear inside the base.

Those who want their bed base to remain hidden just need to make sure that no one is sleeping on their bed.

4.Concealed piston door

What the hidden piston door looks like before it is hidden (Featured Image: Jankesaurous YouTube)

Hidden piston doors are an effective but great way to hide a secret base.

These gates will require a Redstone signal on a specific block, which can be activated with a button or lever. Buttons and levers can be removed once redundant to keep the base hidden.

This gate works especially well for hiding the base of a mountain.

3.Ol ‘reliable

Two blocks of dirt (Feature Image: Grian YouTube)

While some secret bases have great entrances, which are certainly great, nothing can replace reliable Ol ‘.

All a player has to do is build an underground base and cover it with the blocks that blend in with the environment. This only downside is that the player will become to break the blocks while exiting and entering the base.

2.Underwater base

A futuristic underwater base (Featured Image: Reddit)

Underwater bases are an extremely popular secret base method for obvious reasons.

Most of the oceans are absolutely massive and generally unexplored. These factors allow players to make their underwater bases go unnoticed. The owner of the underwater base will only have to remember where it was placed and maybe even create a secret railway to travel to the base.

1.Bedrock base

A beautiful base found on the bedrock layer (Featured Image: Reddit)

Although it will take a bit of effort to travel to and from these, bedrock-level foundations are a great way to hide those valuable resources.

Since this bedrock is a long way from the surface (also is only getting deeper in Minecraft 1.18), it would be quite rare also unfortunate for a player to get across a secret base in the bedrock layer.

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