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AI Mistook a Man’s Bald Head as a Football

Although, with recent developments, artificial intelligence (AI) has become a really powerful tool in almost all sectors. However, a recent incident at a soccer game showed that even advanced artificial intelligent systems can have major flaws, which, in this case, led to a hilarious situation.
According to recent reports, a Scottish football team recently deployed a camera with artificial intelligence technology to record a match and stream it live on YouTube. The system was to track football on the field and direct the camera necessarily for live broadcast purposes. However, due to a technical glitch, the AI ​​system “thought” that the bald head of a linesman is the ball.

As a result, the camera kept shifting focus from the soccer ball to the linesman to follow his head, rather than the actual ball. As a result, fans of the teams who were watching the live broadcast were frustrated as moments of anticipation were often missed throughout the match.

One of the spectators wrote that they even missed the goal that his team scored in the match due to this funny mistake. All they could see was the linesman, with the shiny bald head, signaling the goal.
Now, we’ve seen what AI can do when done right. However, this incident continues to show what actually happens if an artificial intelligence system is not capable. So I hope the broadcast team techs are working on the AI ​​right now to help you differentiate a bald head from a real ball.

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