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Amazon Echo Buds make workout-tracking, including a step counter, calories burned, also more

A year later I started testing this feature, Amazon finally started rolling out training tracking in Echo Buds. In a statement to CNBC, the company said that the device can now control the duration of a workout, the steps you take, the estimated calories burned, and how fast or how far you walk or run. The company expects to complete the update roll out in the next few days.

According to Amazon, the Echo Buds do their built-in throttle to their step counter functionality, which takes into account the user’s height that must be entered manually in the workout profile. Once the new update is installed, Echo Buds users can start tracking their training sessions through the Alexa app on their phones by creating a training profile in More> Settings> Account Settings> Workouts.

Along with the step counter functionality, the Echo Buds now also support other workout tracking features, thanks to the incoming update. First of all, you can now control the duration of your workouts and the number of calories you burn. You can also monitor the pace at which you walk/run and the distance you run, the company said.

Echo Buds owners can start a training session by issuing voice commands such as “Alexa, start my run.” One can “also ask Alexa to pause a workout, finish a workout, also request an update at your pace,” the report says. To see all the statistics after a training session, users can open the Alexa app on their phone and tap Devices> Echo and Alexa> Echo Buds> Workouts.

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