Home News Apple advertises new Mac Mini by Apple M1 chip

Apple advertises new Mac Mini by Apple M1 chip

Apple advertises new Mac Mini by Apple M1 chip

At its special event tonight, Apple has released three new Macs with the new Apple M1 chip. The new MacBook Air and the new MacBook Pro, and then there’s the new MacBook Mini that gets the M1 treatment too.

Unsurprisingly, the M1 chip brings considerable performance improvements that you would expect from the Mac Mini. In fact, Apple claims that the Mac Mini now runs three times faster when it comes to the CPU and has six times faster graphics compared to the previous generation quad-core Mac Mini. The new M1 chip also offers machine learning 15 times faster than the last generation Mac Mini.

For I / O, the Mac Mini gets pretty much all the ports it would need. There are two USB Type-A ports, two Thunderbolt ports, an Ethernet port, and an HDMI port on the back of the device, along with a 3.5mm headphone jack. Plus, the Mac Mini now supports Pro Display XDR in its full 6K resolution thanks to faster Thunderbolt ports.

There’s not much else to talk about with the Mac Mini as it is basically a compact desktop, but the performance improvements Apple claims for this machine are pretty impressive.

The new Mac Mini with the Apple M1 chip is priced at $ 699, which is actually $ 100 less than the previous Mac Mini. It will go on sale from Thursday, but you can reserve it immediately.


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