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Apple Develops A $ 3000 Mixed Reality Headset With Two 8K Displays


In addition to developing a fully autonomous electric vehicle from the Apple brand, Apple is also working on an AR / VR headset for a long time. Previous reports suggested that the Cupertino giant is focusing on the augmented reality (AR) aspect for its “Apple Glass.” However, a recent report hints that the company is developing a complete mixed reality (MR) headset with advanced technology and a huge price tag, alongside the long-rumored low-end AR Glass.

So, according to a report by The Information (paywalled), an anonymous source “with direct knowledge” about Apple’s upcoming headset revealed some key details about it. For starters, the headphones are reported to include “a dozen cameras to track hand movements and show the real-world video to the people who wear it.”

The Apple MR headphones will also come equipped with two “8K ultra-high-resolution displays” and “advanced eye-tracking technology” to provide an immersive experience for users when using the device. Furthermore, with the integration of two 8K displays, Apple’s headphones are expected to offer far better picture quality than any other high-end headphones on the market.

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Now these details aside, the report also claims that the expected price of the device could be one of the “biggest risks” for Apple. According to the source, Apple has discussed the price of the headphones internally last year and it will launch with a whopping $ 3,000 price tag. That’s much louder than AR / VR headsets, like Facebook’s Oculus headsets, that are currently available on the market.

However, according to the report, Apple, with its advanced mixed reality headsets, will target businesses rather than consumers in general. So, as one can imagine, iPhone makers are aiming to compete with Microsoft’s HoloLens, priced around $ 3,500, which is aimed at researchers and businesses rather than the general public.

Although there are no words on when the device will be launched on the market, Apple, according to the report, aims to bring the device by 2022. However, due to some “technological hurdles”, the company could delay the launch of the Apple headphones. super expensive.

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