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Apple is Developing a High-End Virtual Reality Headset With its Chips, a Fan, and More

Apple VR headset

Before launching an augmented reality headset, Apple is looking to bring a high-end virtual reality device to market. According to a recent report by Bloomberg, the Cupertino giant is working on its first virtual reality headset. It’s expected to arrive as a standalone device sometime in 2022, which means it’s still far from ready. However, the report talks about the design, hardware, and internal specs of Apple’s virtual reality headsets.

Apple VR headsets to launch in 2022

  • VR headsets with Apple Silicon technology

First, Apple’s virtual reality headsets will draw power from the company’s internal chipsets. The report says the company is developing more powerful chips than its Apple M1 silicon that recently debuted in the MacBook line. “Some of these chips tested in this device outperformed Apple’s Mac M1 processors,” this report said. So yeah, we know that performance wouldn’t be an issue in this headset.

  • Some AR features in Tow

The virtual reality headset is codenamed N301 and is said to be the “same size as Facebook’s Oculus Quest headset.” It will primarily focus on virtual reality technologies, but will also support some augmented reality features in a limited capacity, according to the report. This means that you will not only be able to move around in a 3D environment, but you can also interact with the real world at the same time. We have already seen how Apple ARKit allows users to place objects or play games in the real world using their iPhones or iPads.

  • Design and display

The report further reveals that Apple’s virtual reality headsets will feature much higher resolution displays than its competitors. This lines up with the rumor that the headphones will house two 8K resolution displays, one for each eye. This means that the headphones will offer users an astonishing 16K resolution.

In terms of design, the Cupertino giant bets on a fabric exterior to reduce weight. We’ve already seen how this works with the AirPods Max earphones, which have a fabric headband. There’s also a fan inside one of the prototypes, which is unusual for Apple’s fanless design approach. Apple VR headsets will be premium, available in smaller and more expensive quantities, like the pricey Pro Display XDR. It will run the company’s operating system, along with an app store designed to display virtual reality apps.

Although Apple is rumored to be developing a VR headset, we suggest you take all the details with a grain of salt. The device is a year away from launch and the company can change a lot during this time frame. Also, Apple may only be experimenting with the technology for its AR or mixed reality headsets to come later.

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