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Apple to Launch Two MacBook Pro Mini LED in 2021, MacBook Air in 2022


We’ve heard about Apple working to use Mini LED displays on its devices, including MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. While previous reports suggested that a MacBook Mini LED it promotes is coming in 2020, that hasn’t happened. Now, however, famed Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has released an investor note in which he reviews his estimates for Apple’s planned Mini LED boost.

According to his note, the Cupertino giant will launch a 14-inch MacBook Pro with a redesigned chassis also with Mini LED display in 2021, along with another MacBook Pro model. Additionally, he added that Apple will also launch a new “more affordable MacBook Air.” during 2022, although it’s unclear if we’ll see a design update going front.

While I’m just as excited about a redesigned 14-inch MacBook Pro as you probably are, and the Mini LED looks like a cherry on top, it’s crucial to remember that we’ve been hearing about MacBook Mini LEDs for almost two years now, with they’re not getting. launching real devices with new technology. As such, I suggest that you take this new information with a pinch of salt.

Meanwhile, various reports have claimed overtime that Apple will also use this new technology on the iPad, starting with the iPad Pro in 2021. So that’s something we’ll occur looking into as great.

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