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Best Among Us Settings to Solo Imposter

Among Us gives players and playgroups the freedom to create custom games for themselves, including how many imposters the game has.

Having a single imposter presents several challenges and difficulties, but it can still help get new playgroups used to the game. Even then, when playing Among Us with a single imposter, it’s only fair to give them all the advantages they can get.

A Not About Solo-Imposter of Among Us

Although it is possible to create a set of rules for playing Among Us with a single imposter, it may not work for all playgroups. Also, reducing the number of imposters in Among Us means that each player will have less chance of being the imposter.

Among Us players often prefer to play as one imposter, it may ultimately be best to play with two or three.

However, having a single imposter can work for playgroups who like impostors to have a challenge or who like the game to encourage a certain style of play. While the rules of the game may initially help make this style of Among Us fun, it will also require the playgroup to adopt a certain set of meta-rules.

Among Us rule set for one imposter

For ten-player games, consider giving the imposters every possible advantage and assist.

  • Map: Polus-MIRA HQ
  • Imposters: 1
  • Confirm Kicks: N / A
  • Emergency Meetings: 0
  • Anonymous Votes: on
  • Emergency Cooldown: N / A
  • Discussion Time: 15s
  • Voting Time: 45-90s
  • Player Speed: 1.00x
  • Companion Vision: 0.5x
  • Imposter’s Vision: 2.0x
  • Death Cooldown: 20s
  • Death Distance: Short-Long
  • Taskbar Updates: Meetings-Never
  • Visual Tasks: Off Maximize All Tasks

The reason for choosing Polus or MIRA HQ as the map is because these maps have a ventilation network that allows impostors to cross the entire map. This is important as in The Skeld the crewmates could discover the impostor through a process of elimination wherever the deaths occur.

However, in Polus or MIRA HQ, the lone impostor can move around relatively easily and score kills without needing to commit to being on one side of the map.

The next most shocking decision would be to reduce the total discussion time. Depending on how new the playgroup is and how they are communicating during discussions, this time limit can be increased or decreased as needed.

Between us, games where everyone is familiar with the game and uses a voice chat, having only 15 seconds to speak and 45 seconds to vote will make meetings very tense and fast-paced. For newer players and games where players have to type, it’s best to extend that time as needed.

However, it should never be too long and crewmates should always feel like they don’t have enough time to do everything they want to do.

Beyond that, typical changes like low kill cooldowns and crew low vision ranges need to be chosen so that the imposter has some freedom to sneak away.

Feel free to change Among Us as needed

However, one thing that will have to happen is that the playgroup will need to use meta-rules to further balance the game. For example, crewmates should avoid grouping together also generally should accept not to support. Also, playgroups may consider having a rule like never skip a vote.

If the crewmates always have to turn someone down every time a meeting is called, then it could give the imposters a chance to win even with the odds against them.

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