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BGMI Players Faced Some Issues After this July Update; Krafton Working to Fix

After releasing Battlegrounds Mobile India for Android earlier this month, Krafton recently released the game’s first major update. Although the July update added a ton of new changes, including new weapons and a new Mission Ignition mode, players faced some serious in-game issues while playing BGMI. These include problems buying in-game currency, problems with cosmetic items, and more.

BGMI issues after July update

So after BGMI players updated their game to the latest version (v1.5.0), they started to face problems in the game. Soon after, Krafton acknowledged the problems and said it is working to fix them as soon as possible.

Among others, one of the issues caused players to get stuck on the loading screen when equipping the unicorn set in the game. Krafton has already addressed the problem but has not yet been able to fix it. Therefore, the company advises players not to wear the unicorn outfit until the problem is fixed.

Another major issue players are facing includes an issue with redeeming UC after purchasing in-game currency from BGMI. This is a major issue that prevents players from redeeming their purchased UCs by displaying an unusual error message “Intermittently UC not claimed after purchase.” Therefore, Krafton says that if players face such an issue during their purchase, they should immediately contact in-game customer service from Settings -> Basic -> Customer Service and generate an appropriate ticket.

Apart from these, some players faced issues related to the login day 2 reward for the event “Bring on the Heat” showing the mission card (S19), while season 19 had already ended in the game. . Krafton has already fixed the issue and compensated the affected players with a mission card (M1).

Krafton has also listed some other issues on its tracking page including “intermittently not being able to claim rewards from the daily special pack” and “moving to the wrong page when using the advanced supply box claimed supply medal.”

So, if you are having trouble on Battlegrounds Mobile India after the recent update, know that you are not the only one. So, until Krafton fixes the known issues, try to avoid the features or items that could activate them in the game.

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