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DIY Mars Rover Can Make At Your Home For $ 600

DIY Mars Rover

Since space research organizations began exploring planets other than our own, we have seen many types of robotic rovers go into space. These rovers are quite difficult to build as they include many advanced technologies. However, with the new “economy” from the European Space Agency, you can build your own Mars rover at home.

The ExoMy rover is essentially a DIY Mars rover based on the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Rosalind Franklin rover that was supposed to land on the red planet this year. It is a 16-inch robot that you can build at home using a 3D printer.

Now, although it is a much smaller version of the Rosalind Franklin rover, the ExoMy inherits a lot from its older brother. For starters, the DIY rover features the advanced “triple bogie” suspension system that allows the 6-wheel rover to hit rough surfaces effortlessly. It can also do a 360-degree turn in a specific place and it can roll sideways, like a crab.

Users can control this robot via a dedicated controller or a web interface on their smartphones. Plus, they can also customize the robot’s face, which includes the camera sensors, by adding cute hats also other head-mounted accessories.

ESA estimates that users can build everything using their Github 3D printable components and resources spending around € 500 (~ Rs 44,445), which roughly translates to around $ 600. However, keep in mind that you need an Operational 3D printer at your disposal to print all the components of the mobile.

You can see the official video of ESA’s ExoMy rover just below.

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