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Elon Musk is Sure that Humans Will Land on Mars in Next Six Years

Elon Musk's SpaceX

In addition to developing an entire army of satellites to provide a high-speed Internet connection, Elon Musk‘s SpaceX is also working hard to send humans to Mars. Now, at a recent awards ceremony, the SpaceX chief spoke about his plans to capture Mars, saying he is confident that humans will be able to land on the red planet in the next six years.

Eccentric SpaceX CEO and founder Elon Musk recently received an award from a media giant. So after receiving the award, Musk conducted an extensive interview and spoke about his companies, artificial intelligence (AI), and space travel.

SpaceX has been working on its flagship rocket, the Big Falcon, also known as the Starship for quite some time. This is the ship that the organization will use in its mission to land on Mars.

Now, according to Musk, his space research organization will conduct an unmanned mission to land on Mars in the next two years, given that Earth and Mars are in sync. This Earth-Mars synchronization in their relative orbits around the Sun occurs every 26 months. So if luck favors it, such an unmanned launch will take place during the next interplanetary synchronization.

Following the planned unmanned mission in the next two years, Musk said he plans to send humans to the red planet in the next six years. Then, in keeping with his main goal of making Mars our new home, the Tesla boss said that he will make sure the necessary technology allows “a lot of people to go to Mars and make life interplanetary, and have a base in Moon”.

Musk also said that he will travel into space himself, “possibly” in two or three years. Furthermore, he reaffirmed his wish to be eventually buried on Mars, because why not?

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