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Flashlight Shaped Bluetooth Speaker Made to Simulate a Glowing Flame

Light Speaker

Since the rise of Bluetooth speakers, we have seen many companies build numerous portable speakers to capture the attention of consumers. However, unlike generic Bluetooth speakers, a small team of designers from Sweden known as Transparent Sound wanted to develop a portable Bluetooth speaker that would do more than play music. The result is a unique portable speaker with a flashlight design that looks aesthetic AF.

The Light Speaker

Nicknamed this “light speaker,” the fire flashlight-like device mimics the light that appears from a flame while playing your favorite music. The creators say that since fire is something that people have been gathering around since the beginning of time to have a good time with their loved ones, they wanted to simulate the natural elements within the electronic device.

Years of Research on Flames

To do so, these designers observed and studied several types of flames, their key features, light temperatures, also various other factors over years. So now, they have finally implemented their vision in Light Speaker and the result seems quite amazing.

So, according to the group, the light inside the device lands on this woofer also glows “like a real flame” depending on the music being played. It is designed to move also glow according to the rhythms of this song you are hearing.

A Speaker With an Electronic Fire Inside

Now, in addition to being an electronic fire lantern, the device is also a Bluetooth speaker that plays your favorite songs or podcast episodes. Therefore, it features a 3-inch woofer at the bottom of the cylinder-shaped device that comes with borosilicate glass, covering the central part. At this top, there is a 2.5-inch full-range operator to produce a 360-degree surround sound experience.

It also has Bluetooth 5.0 for faster and extra stable wireless connections. Additionally, the device comes with the company’s proprietary “transparent sound” technology to “channel the true intent of the artist.”

Now, since the Bluetooth speaker focuses on both sound and light, there are two different knobs to control the elements. Turning the volume knob adjusts the sound also changing the light knob adjusts the brightness of the interior light that mimics fire.

Modular and Environment-Friendly

Also, with the environment in mind, the designers made the lightweight speaker completely modular. The means that if any of the speaker components become damaged, this can replace separately.

The company also plans to release more updates for the speaker in the future to help users completely modify it based on their needs, rather than throwing it away as electronic waste.

Price and availability

Transparent Sound is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and has already raised over $ 120,000 from 428 backers, as of this writing. So if you want one for yourself or your loved ones, you can commit $ 230 (~ Rs. 17,019) to the project to reserve in advance. Once commercially available, it will sell for around $ 370 (~ Rs. 27,379). The company plans to ship the initial orders starting in April 2021.

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