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Flipkart Launched A New Payment Option Based On QR Codes For Cash On Delivery Orders

Indian e-commerce giant, Flipkart has launched a new payment facility that lets QR code-based UPI payments for cash on delivery orders. This move comes after the company saw a gradual increase in UPI-based payments in the market from last year. In addition, the new QR code-based payment facility increases customer confidence for cash on delivery shipments and ensures greater security by minimizing physical contact.

The company announced the new QR code-based payment facility via an official blog post. So according to Flipkart, cash on delivery orders will now come with a unique QR code. Upon receiving cash on delivery order, customers can simply scan the code attached to their purchase and pay for it digitally using a UPI application of their choice.

Featured Image: Flipkart

Such ease of payment will not only make cash on delivery shipments safer and easier, but it will also make delivery contactless. The company claims that it witnessed a steady increase in the number of UPI-based payments. In April 2021 there were 2.64 billion transactions, according to the most recent data from NPCI.

In addition, this new facility will ensure “consumer trust in digital transactions, enhance consumer security also contribute to an overall improvement in the adoption of digital commerce.”

This progress also takes Flipkart further in its goal of replacing this cash-on-delivery system with digital payments. In addition, this organization has developed the distribution of its digital offerings to allow buyers across the country to pay for their orders securely.

The company will begin delivering QR code-based shipments for cash on delivery orders starting today. So if you receive cash on delivery orders in the next few days, be sure to pay digitally.

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