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Fortnite Season 4: Complete Iron Man Awakening Challenges also How to Complete It

Fortnite Season 4 Complete Iron Man Awakening Challenges also How to Complete It

Fortnite Season 4 has been fabulous thus far, with Marvel superheroes doing their best to safeguard Fortnite’s island from Galactus. Superheroes like Iron Man, Mystique, Groot, and Wolverine have left their worlds to protect their home from the Planet Eater.

While, players have access to superhero abilities, cosmetics, also much more to meet their demand as supernatural content.

Most of these superheroes can be unlocked by purchasing this Season 4 Battle Pass also reaching several levels by earning experience points in Fortnite. Those heroes become a built-in emote that is unlocked while completing a series of awakening challenges in this game.

In this article, we see all about this Iron Man awakening challenges also the best method to complete the challenges in this game

How to complete the Iron Man awakening challenges in Fortnite

Iron Man is the last cosmetic to be unlocked in Fortnite Season 4

Iron Man, also known as Tony Stark, does a level 93 cosmetic in this game, also to unlock his awakening challenges, players will want to reach level 100 in this season. Once done, people will see a list of three awakening challenges remaining to be completed. Here is a guide to complete them all also unlock the Iron Man suit in Fortnite.

Users should remember to use Tony Stark cosmetics while doing these tasks.

#1 challenge: Reach 88 at the speedometer on a whiplash-like Tony Stark

Iron Man is a fan of speedy cars, also players need to show their love for fast vehicles. They have to get a Whiplash, this fastest vehicle in Fortnite, and power it up to 100, as the next process requires a boost.

Players then have to find a preferably long path to achieve the maximum acceleration. They must perform this challenge on the road, as off the track, the speed of the cars decreases significantly. After that, players can boost their engines and reach number 88 on the speedometer to complete the challenge.

#2 Challenge: use an upgrade bench like Tony Stark

Tony Stark is also a lover of technology, and players have to choose any weapon or fishing path and agricultural materials. They need to make sure they are as rare as possible as fewer materials are needed to upgrade them.

It can be a bit tedious for players to find an upgrade bank, as this item has been skipped and cannot be used everywhere. There are set locations on the map, mostly near named points of interest like Coral Castle, where players should get an upgrade bank quickly. After that, they can do whatever it takes to complete this challenge in Fortnite.

#3 Challenge: Emote as Tony Stark in Stark’s Workshop

Tony Stark’s workshop in Fortnite Season 4

Tony Stark has played a huge role so far in Fortnite Season 4, and it all started in his workshop, where he has his plans and scanners. This place is directly east of this Authority, also players will simply should to walk in and gesture to unlock his Iron Man suit in-game also complete the awakening challenges.

Iron Man also has three styles of foil that can be unlocked by reaching level 135, level 175, and level 215 in Fortnite.

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