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Fortnite Season 7 XP Glitch is Helping Players to Level Up Faster


Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 7 has been quite fun so far. With a huge list of exciting new skins, items, and assorted cosmetics, it’s time for players to start racking up XP to unlock these awesome features.

Usually, weekly missions are enough to provide a significant XP boost in exchange for completing some tedious but simple tasks. However, if players are looking for another way to earn XP, they can try this glitch.

Fortnite is plagued with multiple exploits and glitches, and this one, in particular, has become quite popular lately. It involves logging into this Red vs Blue LTM, which is a deathmatch lobby where players must use this Harpoon Gun for the exploit to work.

Use this Fortnite XP bug to rack up some points for your Battle Pass quickly

As mentioned above, players will first need to log into the Red vs Blue LTM lobby. This is a deathmatch lobby in Fortnite that allows players to respawn, which is crucial for this bug to work.

In the Red vs Blue LTM lobby, players receive 50 gold per kill. All players have to do is accumulate 300 gold this way. Next, they will have to get a vending machine also buy the Harpoon Gun. Every time a player kills someone in the lobby using the Harpoon, they will be awarded XP.

However, players must remember to respawn to have the Arpoon Gun recharged and ready. Keep killing players using this weapon to earn a substantial amount of XP in a single match. Additionally, players will earn Creative Playtime XP for the time they spend on this LTM.

The new items in Fortnite seem to have given players more incentive to grind. However, things can be a bit easier if these glitches are used.

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