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Google Fit Makes New User Interface also Features in Wear OS; Start implementing this week

Google Fit

At the beginning of last week, Google Fit received a major revamp that allows users to see all their fitness data in one central hub. This includes a summary of metrics (steps and heart points), training details, direct access to sleep data, and more. Google also announced several new fitness features for Wear OS devices but decided not to reveal any details.

The company has shed more light on those new Wear OS capabilities by an official help page. First, Google says it has “vastly improved Wear OS training tracking” while offering a simpler user interface. The training tile now allows you to set goals from your wrist. Tap this “flag” button at the bottom, choose a workout metric (distance, calories, or heart points), also hit play. Check out this new UI right here:

What are the most important improvements you ask for? Well, Wear OS becomes simplified navigation to do it easier for users to start new workouts. The training tile has been revamped to now show the distance covered, the elapsed time, and the lap time for the previous kilometer. You will also receive alerts for every kilometer or mile. This will give you a better idea of your pace and give you the motivation to speed it up or slow it down in real-time.

Also, a swipe left on the training tile will show your heart rate, calories burned, clock, and your heart points (an important metric goal that many, including my dad, try to achieve each day) front and center. You will need to touch the highlighted center section to cycle through these metrics.

If you’re listening to music, swiping to the right should give you access to the music player. It also offers a new “touch lock” button to help prevent accidental touches from interrupting a workout. You can still pause and resume workouts or use the user interface via hardware buttons. A long press of the power button will deactivate the touch lock.

Plus, Wear OS will continue to celebrate your goals during training. There is now also a new breathing tile to help you relax with guided breathing sessions. Google is finally focusing on the fitness and health features in Wear OS as both Samsung and Apple have taken a huge lead in the wearable category.

The new Google Fit user interface and features will begin rolling out for existing Wear OS users this week.

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