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Google no Longer Provides Free Unlimited Group Video Calls on Google Meet

When the coronavirus-led pandemic began in early 2020, Google made its Google Meet video calling app, then exclusive to G-Suite, available to everyone for free. In addition, the Mountain View giant announced that it would not impose a limit on group video calls on Meet, and users will be able to make group calls (with more than 3 participants) for up to 24 hours until September 2020. Later, the company even extended the period and said that the free service on Meet will be available until June 2021. Now, it appears that Google has no plans to extend the free service any longer.

No unlimited group calls on Google Meet for free users

Therefore, Google Meet users who have used the service to make unlimited group calls will now be able to make group calls on Meet for just 60 minutes. So if users want to enjoy the 24-hour limit for group calls on Meet, they will need to get the Google Workspace Essentials plan, which costs $ 8 (~ Rs 600) a month.

For those who don’t know, video calling platforms like Zoom offer unlimited group calls for a monthly subscription fee. Although Google Meet falls into that category as well, the platform began offering group calling services for free last year with the goal of connecting people to each other during blackout periods. Following this, Meet got a substantial amount of users during 2020.

However, as Google currently mentions on its Google Meet pricing page, Meet users who use the platform as a free service are now limited to one hour for group calls. The free unlimited group video calling service on Meet ended last month.

Now, it’s worth mentioning that 1-to-1 video calling on Meet will remain free for users. So if you start a one-on-one call on Meet, you can enjoy up to 24 hours of video time, which is the same time limit for each Google Meet subscription plan, for free.

So if you need to enjoy unlimited group calls on Google Meet, you can upgrade to this Google Workspace Essentials plan or the Google Workspace Enterprise plan. You can check more details about subscription packages on your Meet’s official pricing page.

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