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How to Build A Volcano in Minecraft

Volcanoes are one of the best constructions to create in Minecraft. They fit into any biome (from mountains to islands) and are deceptively easy to create. Players can even create a base within the volcano.

This planning stage before building a volcano in Minecraft

The frame of a massive volcano in Minecraft (Featured Image: u/charlieril13 on Reddit)

Before building a volcano (or any large construction) in Minecraft, players must plan its construction.

Players must determine how big they want their volcano to be and what they want it to look like. The volcano can be pointed or flat.

Players often build volcanoes out of basalt. However, they can use any block they want.

In the image above, the player-created the volcano frame first, which can be extremely useful for some Minecrafters. However, the volcano is huge and is not recommended for beginners.

Building a volcano in Minecraft

A flatter and thicker volcano in Minecraft (Featured Image: u/Johnny_Steele on Reddit)

Once the player has decided what type of volcano he wants to build, construction can now begin.

A flatter volcano will have a thicker base, while a pointed volcano will have a thinner and less symmetrical base. It’s always best to create the volcano frame first, as that will help determine where all the other blocks will go.

Many players decide to have a lava flow from the edge of the volcano, but that is optional. Many players put the lava on top of the volcano (as seen in the image above).

As stated above, this player can build their base inside the volcano. This provides great protection against hostile mobs.

The video above shows a volcanic base in Minecraft. This volcano is quite small, but it still manages to look great due to the extra details.

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