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How to download and install World Edit for Minecraft

Debuting nearly 10 years ago, WorldEdit is perhaps a Minecraft builder’s most valuable asset. The tool allows you to complete large operations in seconds. Without WorldEdit, some of Minecraft’s most impressive builds would only exist as a mere figment of the imagination.

Any aspiring gamer looking to get serious about the art of building Minecraft on a large scale will want to make sure they are familiar with WorldEdit. Of course, the first step in mastering WorldEdit is learning how to install it.

WorldEdit is a flexible tool. Players can install it locally as a mod for client-side use within a single-player world. Alternatively, they can choose to install the WorldEdit plugin on a multiplayer Minecraft server.

How do you install the WorldEdit mod in Minecraft?

The WorldEdit building mod can be installed on a Minecraft Java Edition client by following these simple steps:

Step 1.)

Players must first ensure that the Forge mod loader is currently installed in the Minecraft game.

Step 2.)

Once Forge has been installed, players can download the official WorldEdit mod file, which can beĀ found here.

Step 3.)

Once downloaded, the WorldEdit mod must be installed. The easiest way to do this is to open the .minecraft folder, which can be accessed by typing “run” in the Windows search bar. Players can then type% appdata% in the program’s run widget.

Step 4.)

After locating the .minecraft folder, players need to enter it. They should create a new folder inside called “mods” if it doesn’t already exist.

The downloaded WorldEdit .jar file must be placed inside this folder.

Step 5.)

Players can now launch Minecraft Forge as usual through the Minecraft Launcher.

How to install the WorldEdit plugin on a Minecraft server?

Players who wish to install WorldEdit on their Minecraft server should follow this guide:

Step 1.)

Players must first download the official WorldEdit plugin specifically for the version of Minecraft their server is running. The plugin can be downloaded here.

Step 2.)

After downloading the WorldEdit plugin, players need to drag the downloaded file to their plugin folder within their Minecraft server directory.

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