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Krafton Doesn’t Want to Call Battlegrounds Mobile India as PUBG Mobile

Ever since PUBG Mobile was banned in India last year, smartphone gamers have been expecting this game to make a comeback. But even after months of trailers, reports, and more, we still have to get our hands in the game. Fortunately, Krafton recently formally announced the relaunch of the game in India with a new title: Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Now, according to a new report from IGN India, Krafton is asking content creators to avoid using the name ‘PUBG Mobile India’ to refer to Battlegrounds Mobile India, because Krafton fears that the Indian government could ban the game if it is considered PUBG. . Mobile India.

The IGN India report mentions that Krafton sent the creators a WhatsApp message asking them to avoid using the game’s old name in their videos. This message reportedly reads: “We also suggest that longer use PUBGM within your content as it was banned also we do not want it to be banned again. We recommend using worlds like Battlegrounds Mobile India, Korean game, Indian version in your content”.

For that, Krafton formally announced Battlegrounds Mobile India a few days ago, with a new poster for the game. However, even as players across the country prepare to return to the battlefield, there is no word from Krafton on an actual release date. However, the company has mentioned that the game will see a pre-registration window before launch. Hopefully, we will be able to return to Battlegrounds Mobile India soon, with some reports pointing to a launch in the third week of June.

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