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OnePlus Buds Pro Appears with Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Up to 28 Hours of Battery Life

After launching the OnePlus Buds and OnePlus Buds Z last year, OnePlus is preparing to expand its TWS headphone lineup with the upcoming OnePlus Buds Pro. So ahead of its launch alongside this OnePlus Nord 2 on July 22, this Chinese giant has shared some key features about Buds Pro.

In an email sent to CNET, OnePlus head of research also growing, Kinder Liu, confirmed some features that this OnePlus Buds Pro will feature. It includes features like adaptive noise cancellation (ANC) and high-speed charging support. So, let’s take a look at what you can expect from the OnePlus Buds Pro.

OnePlus Buds Pro Key Features Shared Online

Adaptive noise cancellation

The OnePlus Buds Pro is confirmed to feature, what the company calls, “adaptive noise cancellation” (or ANC) that will take advantage of three microphones to monitor and cancel external noise. It will reportedly be able to “monitor outside noises” and “intelligently produce noise-canceling counter frequencies.”

This will allow TWS headphones to adjust “how much noise cancellation is needed, self-adjusting from a minimum of 15 decibels to a maximum of 40db”. Thus, it will provide users with high-end noise cancellation similar to what Apple AirPods and Sony offer with their wireless earbuds.

Deformation load bearing

Apart from this the executive also proved that this OnePlus Buds Pro will integrate its Warp Charge fast charging technology. It’s the same technology found in the affordable Buds Z and the original OnePlus Buds.

The TWS earbuds, along with their charging case, will be able to offer “up to 28 hours” of battery life with adaptive noise cancellation turned on. With the ANC off, the battery life could go up to “up to 38 hours”, which is insane.

A 10-minute charge of the OnePlus Buds Pro case will supposedly provide 10 hours of battery life. However, unlike their smartphones, users will not need any special adapters or charging cables to take advantage of fast charging technology. Additionally, users will be able to wirelessly charge the Buds Pro case using any Qi-enabled wireless charger. However, the charging speed during wireless charging will be much lower (2W speed) compared to 10W wired charging speeds.

Glossy matte design

Aside from the high-end features, Liu also confirmed that the OnePlus Buds Pro will come with a similar design to the AirPods Pro. It will be available in a black color option with the head of the buds matte and the stems covered with a shiny metal cover.

OnePlus has used a “non-conductive vacuum metallization technology” to develop the external design. This will provide buds a metallic look despite their plastic bodies. Additionally, Buds Pro’s matte texture makes it “less slippery and more resistant to sweat and dust than shiny metal.”

So, here are some key details about the upcoming OnePlus Buds Pro. This organization will share more information, along with pricing also availability details, at the Nord 2 smartphone launch event next week.

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