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OnePlus Phones Will Get A Theme Store With Oxygen OS 12

Android has always had high customization. Be it icon packs and Android launchers or apps that customize menus and more, there are many things you can do with your Android phone. Now if you have a OnePlus phone you will be happy to know that in addition to all the customization options OxygenOS already offers, you will also get a theme store with the OxygenOS 12 update very soon.

The theme store announcement comes via the OnePlus forums, where the company announced that it will be available with the next major OS update, which would be OxygenOS 12, which means it’s not too far off (hopefully).

The theme stores are not a new idea Samsung has quite a gigantic catalog of themes (both free and paid) in its theme store for One UI. There are also a lot of MIUI featured themes out there. However, bringing it to OnePlus phones has been one of the main demands of the community, and the company is finally doing it.

It is unclear if this OnePlus theme store will be a free affair or if paid themes will also be available in this store. More likely there will be a mix of free and paid themes, but we’ll have to wait for the OxygenOS 12 release to find out more.

Meanwhile, this company is hosting an online Open Ears Forum for this theme store. So, if you have any ideas about the OxygenOS 12 theme store, complaints, suggestions, or anything, you should apply to be a part of the forum.

This OEF event will be held on May 18 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm IST. Those selected to be part of the OEF will also receive gifts, including a Hasselblad postcard, an OEF pin, and a t-shirt.

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