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OnePlus Watch Will Not Have Google Wear OS

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We have heard a lot about OnePlus Watch in the recent past. The smartwatch was proposed to launch alongside the OnePlus 8T, but that did not happen. Even before the debut of the regular OnePlus Watch, straps from a special edition Cyberpunk 2077 circulated the internet last week. The latest development on OnePlus Watch hints that OnePlus may not use Google’s Wear OS on smartwatch.

The information comes from the trusted insider Max Jambor via Twitter. It also claims that the company will not make use of WearOS even as an underlying platform with a custom skin on top. This leads us to believe that OnePlus may be developing a proprietary operating system for its smartwatch behind the scenes.

Although there is no official confirmation, the development of a custom operating system suggests that OnePlus is preparing to enter the wearable segment with a long-term vision. Since the company doesn’t seem to be using WearOS, it will be interesting to see if we get enough app support on the smartwatch.

Thanks to previous leaks, we already know that OnePlus will not change the name of the Oppo Watch, which follows the same design language seen on the Apple Watch. According to Max, OnePlus has opted for a circular display for its first smartwatch.

OnePlus has planned to launch a smartwatch since 2016. Last week, Max reported that OnePlus has indefinitely postponed the launch of the smartwatch. Since OnePlus generally launches new products alongside its phone launch, we might expect the company to announce the OnePlus Watch alongside its upcoming OnePlus 9 series.

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