Home News Oppo Unveils Retractable Screen Phone Concept during INNO Day 2020

Oppo Unveils Retractable Screen Phone Concept during INNO Day 2020

Oppo Unveils Retractable Screen Phone Concept during INNO Day 2020

As phone makers are exploring foldable phones and new form factors, Oppo is now gearing up to show the next leap in the smartphone plan. At its long-awaited INNO Day 2020 conference, which begins tomorrow (November 17), Oppo will showcase a smartphone concept with a retractable screen. The company is testing this device on the Chinese microblogging platform Weibo.

“Big screen? Small screen? Infinite screen? In the future, your mobile phone will be able to retract freely,” says the Weibo post (translated from Chinese to English). A particular render in the teaser poster below also suggests a screen. extendable, as only half of the top bezel can be seen here, this screen appears to reach out of the main body.

Display technology is rapidly evolving, and phone manufacturers have already started looking beyond folding to provide users with an immersive viewing experience. They want to offer a smartphone that looks like any other slab of glass at first glance, but the screen is expanded to offer a tablet-like experience in the future. Oppo has also obtained licenses for this form factor.

In April this year, Oppo filed a license for a square-shaped compact smartphone with an extendable screen. The license application included about 28 photos showing the design and, well, the teaser image looks almost the same.

It has two flat edges and two curved edges on board, with one of the curved edges being the retractable mechanism. It will allow you to stretch the screen and change the square design into a full-blown tall tablet or phone experience. We don’t see a punch-hole selfie camera cutout either, so Oppo can also bake its under-display camera tech. It has been in growth for quite some time and the company already gave it at the early INNO Day last year.

Besides Oppo, big-name phone makers like ZTE and LG are also known to be actively working on developing smartphones with a stretch / retractable screen.

Featured Image: Android Authority

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