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PS5’s DualSense controller has off-center Sony branding also is pretty disturbing

Ahead of the unveiling of the next-gen PlayStation console, Sony introduced its next-gen controller, the DualSense controller. So since its market launch, the controller has been praised by various tech experts, primarily for its greatly improved haptic feedback and revolutionary adaptive firing system. However, based on recent observations, it appears that Sony’s next-gen controller comes with a small brand flaw that induces TOC.

According to the lead design director for the upcoming Far Cry series title Ted Timmins, Sony made an oversight by putting its brand on the latest DualSense controller. Timmins, after receiving his controller, found that the Sony branding under the DualSense controller’s USB-C port was off-center. It also had a weird angle, which looks quite… awkward, to be honest (sorry, but I have OCD).

The game designer recently shared a tweet showing the glitch. He wrote that the Sony mark is ~ 1mm off-center and at a ~ 1-degree angle. You can see the tweet below.

Well, unfortunately, this is not a specific Timmins driver issue. The folks at Gamespot mentioned that the marking on their controller is “noticeably worse.” Therefore, it is very likely that more DualSense controllers on the market have this design flaw that users may not have noticed as of now.

Now, I agree that this is by no means a major flaw and will not affect your gaming experience. However, if you are a character like me or Timmins, it will bother you more than it should. Plus, once you see it, you just can’t stop looking at it, and well, it’s pretty annoying.

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