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Realme’s DIZO to Launches its first product in India on 1 July 2021

Late last month, Realme published a new sub-brand under its TechLife ecosystem. It’s called TEN. Following the announcement, we saw several DIZO products, including bar phones, TWS earbuds, and a smartwatch surface online. And today, the company has announced that it will make its first DIZO press announcement in India in July.

Realme has sent “Block the Date” press invites for the DIZO product announcement, which will take place on July 1 in India. So we can expect the brand to launch its first product in the country. Let’s take a look at the products that DIZO could launch on that date.

DIZO products to be launched in India (rumored)

First, we have to mention the two DIZO bar phones that were discovered on the FCC listings. Dubbed the DIZO Star series, it is rumored to include two 2G feature-enabled phones with removable batteries, dual-SIM support, and microSD slots.

The higher-end DIZO Star 500 will come with a larger screen compared to the lower-end DIZO Star 300. However, the latter is rumored to have a larger 2,500mAh battery than its older brother.

In addition to the two feature phones, we also saw official listings for a DIZO Watch, which looks like a Realme Watch under the new name, and a pair of TWS earphone models named DIZO GoPods and GoPods D. They are also listed on the global website. from DIZO, and you can check its specifications on the official website here.

So now that we have confirmation that DIZO is preparing to launch its first products in India, check out our previous story to find out more about some of the rumored products ahead of launch.

There is currently no information on pricing and availability as of now. However, based on the specs and looks of the devices, we expect them to be priced in the low-end segment as they can cater to the budget-focused population of the country. So stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to the launch of DIZO products in India on July 1.

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