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Samsung’s Blockchain-Based Data Transfer App “Private Share” To Debut By Galaxy S21: Report

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Having introduced a new file sharing service called Quick Share with the Galaxy S20 series earlier this year, Samsung is reported to be now working on a new blockchain-based secure file transfer app called “Private Share”. That’s according to a new report from SamMobile, which claims that the new app will make its debut with the Galaxy S21 series in January.

The app, which will harness the power of the blockchain to enable secure file transfer between two phones, will reportedly allow the sender to set an expiration date for shared files, which will then be automatically deleted from the recipient’s device afterward. of its expiration.

Another privacy feature built into the upcoming app will prevent recipients from forwarding received files to other users. However, the report suggests that the app may not have a built-in anti-screenshot feature at launch, possibly allowing users to record text or images that may be part of the message. This may change in the future, although we cannot say for sure at this time.

According to this report, Private Share will work in the same way as Quick Share, Samsung’s in-house data sharing app for Galaxy smartphones. It would be like all software that needs both parties, the sender and the receiver, to have the application installed on their respective devices. Once a transfer begins, that receiving phone will have to accept the request to access the data.

There isn’t much more on Private Share for now, but since it’s scheduled to make its debut with the Galaxy S21 series, we won’t have to wait too long to see it. That’s because Samsung is set to announce its next-gen flagship smartphones in January 2021, which is much earlier than usual. Hopefully, by then we know a little more about your next file sharing app.

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