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Tesla India Launch Confirmed For Early 2021


After Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that Tesla electric cars will arrive in India “next year for sure,” the country’s Transportation Minister Nitin Gadkari confirmed that they are. You can expect Tesla to start operations in India early next year, according to a report by Indian Express.

In a recent interview, Gadkari announced that India is looking to make a massive impact on electric cars also reduce our dependence on oil. It will help the country curb the pollution problems that affect most metropolitan cities. The era of the electric vehicle has not occurred to us due to the lack of infrastructure and investments.

Transport Minister went on to reveal that several Indian companies, including Tata and Ola Cabs, are working on electric vehicles. They will be as technically advanced as Teslas but will be available at a more affordable price. Telsa could initially import its electric cars and, based on the response, could choose India as its manufacturing and assembly center in the future. “India will become a number one car manufacturing hub in five years,” Gadkari said in the interview.

There is currently no official word on when Tesla intends to make its debut in India. Reports suggest that the Tesla Model 3 will be the first electric car to arrive in the country. While Gadkari suggests that the company will launch its operations in India in early 2021, a report from the Economic Times says that sales will not begin until the second half of the year.

Also, Tesla will initially import this Model 3 for sale in India, so you container easily expect this price to be around Rs. 55 lakhs. This inexpensive electric car, however, starts at Rs. 28 lakhs in the United States. The company has already seen a lot of Indian buyers register their interest for $ 1000 in 2016. But they have been left dry and with no information on the launch window.

Now, both Elon Musk and India’s Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari have confirmed that Tesla’s electric cars will appear in India in 2021. So yeah, we can potentially make our hopes up again. We will keep you posted on the Tesla Model 3 launch plans in India. Stay tuned for more information.

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