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This iPhone Technology May Return in the Next Generation of Apple Phones


Apple is popular in making radical decisions if it comes to excluding some modern technologies, such as removing the headphone jack also an industry favorite Touch ID. The Apple iPhone SE (second generation) was the last phone to come with a Touch ID. However, the design language of the phone can be considered dated. Now, a new report suggests that Apple may return this popular Touch ID.

The folks at MacRumors saw a new survey suggesting what Apple might be planning with the new iPhone 13. The survey asked users about the existing FaceID biometric authentication feature. The questions revolved around what iPhone users have been experiencing with the feature.

The questionnaire asked if the user had any security or privacy problems or if they did not like to pick up the phone to use Face ID. The survey also asked about real-life facial recognition problems in low light conditions, extreme angles, or wearing sunglasses. One of the options suggests that Apple might at least be considering bringing Touch ID back, as a survey asked users if they preferred it over Face ID.

While this isn’t concrete proof that Apple will bring Touch ID back to the next iPhone 13, it does match some previous reports that suggested the same. A popular insider, John Presser, recently revealed that Apple might get the TouchID back, but not in the same way as before.

The company is expected to introduce the feature through the use of in-display fingerprint sensors. Many Android smartphones have been incorporating this technology to bypass a dedicated sensor on the rear panel. Another option Apple could go for is the side-mount Touch ID, this is also a plausible option for the tech company as it has already been run on the new Apple iPad Air

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