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Top 3 Hardest Modpacks for Minecraft


Minecraft is a sandbox game that has been around for almost ten years. But even with the addition of new content through updates, some players have grown bored of playing normal Minecraft.

Minecraft has a vast community creating mods for players who don’t enjoy the normal Minecraft survival experience. Modpacks add custom items and features to the game that changes the way players use Vanilla Minecraft to play.

Some modpacks for Minecraft are made for high-end PCs, so players are advised to check the required specifications for a mod before installing it on their computer.

The hardest modpacks to play in Minecraft

2) Pixelmon

Pixelmon modpacks have pokémons (Featured Image: u/MemeEcho on Reddit)

Pixelmon is a modpack that adds different pokémons of many levels that the player can capture. Along with capturing, players will be able to trade, fight, and breed these creatures.

To catch pokémons, players need pokéballs that can be purchased using poké dollars at poke marts. These poké marts are found in the city, as they will spawn there naturally.

1) Valhelsia 2

Featured Image: curseforge

This modpack adds a lot of cool features, like magic, to Minecraft. Players will be able to explore new biomes and generations of terrain with many new blocks. Players who enjoy exploring and building creative things should give this modpack a try as it spawns unique structures and dungeons made from beautiful blocks.

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