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Top 3 Tips to Create an Efficient XP Farm in Minecraft


Minecraft rewards its players with experience points (XP) for completing various tasks, such as killing monsters, mining for minerals, trading, and raising animals. These points are removed in the form of experience orbs that will increase the player’s XP level after collecting a certain number of orbs in each level.

Upon death, the player loses all of their experience points, some of which can be collected from the place where they died. The total number of experience points accumulated during the player’s life affects his score, which appears on the death screen.

Players can use XP in many ways, such as enchanting items, repairing or naming items, or combining enchantments or their gear on an anvil. To do this, players require a fair amount of XP levels. And the best way to achieve them is by using efficient XP farms.

Tips for building efficient XP farms in Minecraft

3) The right place to build an Enderman farm

Featured Image: Reddit

Enderman farms are one of the most efficient XP farms in Minecraft, as players can earn a large amount of XP in much less time spent building and using the farm.

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency of an Enderman farm is to build it in a single chunk to maximize the amount of Enderman spawning within the farm.

2) Build Enderman farms away from the final island

An Enderman in Minecraft (Featured Image: Minecraft)

Players should always try to build an Enderman XP farm away from the final islands, as numerous endermans spawn throughout the island. This can affect the number of endermans spawned within the farm, resulting in less XP earned.

1) XP gold farm on top of the Nether ceiling

Gold farm

Players can easily build a highly efficient gold farm just by doing it above the lower ceiling. Since the lower roof is made of bedrock where mobs don’t spawn, building a gold farm and XP upstairs will help maximize the mob’s spawn radius.

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