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This xScreen Can Change Your Xbox Series S Into a Portable Game Console

xScreen and Xbox Series S

Gaming consoles like Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X offer high-end gaming performance, 4K resolution support, and everything in between to get the most out of a gaming session. However, gaming on the go is something these consoles cannot deliver due to their form factors and components. However, if you own an Xbox Series S, you happen to be able to make your gaming console portable thanks to this upcoming Kickstarter project called xScreen.

xScreen: an external display for Xbox Series S

Developed by a company called UPspec Gaming, the xScreen is essentially an external display that can be connected directly to an Xbox Series S console for a plug-n-play experience. Therefore, with xScreen, Xbox Series S users can easily transform their gaming console into a gaming laptop-like device.

The xScreen features an 11.6-inch IPS LCD panel with support for a 60Hz refresh rate. It has a 1080p resolution and connects to the Xbox Series S via the console’s onboard HDMI and USB ports. Also, it has a built-in 5W speaker as playing without sound just doesn’t make any sense.

In addition, it has a latch that allows users to keep the display connected to the S Series console at all times. This way, they can carry the consoles like a gaming laptop and connect it to a power source when they want to play their favorite games. The accessory weighs around 695g and can be placed inside a 15.6-inch laptop bag.

Additionally, xScreen is powered by the Xbox console. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry an additional power adapter for the external display.

Price and availability

As for the price and availability of the device, the xScreen has yet to launch, but a Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for this summer. The device will come with an anticipated price tag of $ 159 (~ Rs 11,645). However, once you are out of the Kickstarter campaign, xScreen will cost $ 249 (~ Rs 18,237). Currently, you can go to the official UPspec website to register and be notified once the Kickstarter campaign is launched.

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